Bowl Care Instructions

Each Dizzy Wood Designs handcrafted bowl is finished with a product called Walrus Oil and wax for cutting boards (100% food safe). Proper cleansing and seasoning will maintain its natural anti-bacterial properties. To prevent splitting or cracking, never soak your piece in water, and never put it in the dishwasher, refrigerator, or microwave.  

After each use, hand wash with soap and water, rinse, and hand dry. After it has been allowed to completely dry and after repeated use it may seem a little dull or dried out from washing. If so, it could use a bit of seasoning with oil and wax.

My favorite finish is called Walrus Oil and wax for cutting boards.  Both products are available online via Amazon or my website. Simply follow the application instructions and you are good to go until your piece needs a bit of attention again.  Or you can also use a pure food grade mineral oil as it’s food safe. Always avoid using any vegetable-based oils as they will turn rancid over time.